Godfrey’s Ear
Godfrey’s Ear

My little business is all about saving good quality and serviceable furniture from being destroyed and taken to landfill.

It's an alarming fact that in Great Britain alone over 300,000 tons (22 million items) of reusable furniture are thrown away every single year!

I feel so lucky to have trained in Interior Design at KLC in Chelsea. This opportunity arose after I was made redundant, and so I used the money I had from that to fund my studies. I started on a journey to create the designer look using second hand unloved furniture which in time led me into my furniture painting world of Godfrey’s Ear.

I have been taught and mentored by some fantastic people in the painting world. I have been restyling vintage furniture now for almost 10 years. I love to transform my pieces from dowdy to desirable, so they can once again take pride of place in the home.

People love a taste of designer unique, but don't always have the high-end budget that type of furniture requires. By choosing upcycled furniture you can have a good quality piece of furniture. Save the planet, save your pocket!

Humble Bee View, at Burton Shutts Farm, Cuscas Ln, Brailsford, Ashbourne DE6 3BG
07812 186556

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