Fashion in Interiors – does the fashion industry influence interiors?

The simple answer yes,, fashion and interiors have always been linked one way and another, however today it is much more evident. So what changed? Of course the internet changed everything but personally I think Pinterest had the greatest affect on making these two areas of our lives more homogeneous.

There is another recent change that has become very apparent, that fashion brands have moved into homeware and some of these are big hitters

French Connection

To name but a few

Keeping an eye on fashion helps to keep us aware of potential up and coming trends. One of my favourite sites for spotting what will come up next, or what is moving particularly into the wealthy end of the middle market is Anthropologie as they have a really good finger on the pulse of that market. So when Anthropologie sends me a newsletter saying that the 60’s are back, that says to me that Mid Century is still bang on trend and set to stay for a bit longer. Many of our stockists and users of Fleur Paints are busy with Mid Century pieces, let’s check a couple of our favourites out

Upainted our stockist in Northern Ireland

Upainted are regularly creating fabulous finishes on Mid Century pieces, this is one of our favourites

Eclectica Projects

Chris from Eclectica Projects really lives up to his company name …his work is genuinely *Eclectic*. This is a surprisingly low key piece by his standards and we’ll be bringing you more when we talk about maximalism in a future post

Fleur Paint UK

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