“Chalky Look” Not Chalk Paint

Is Fleur Chalky Look Paint a Chalk Paint? NO!!!!!

Many people in the UK are confused by the name “Chalky Look”, does this mean it’s a Chalk Paint? No!

Fleur Chalky Look is exactly that; it is a paint that looks like a very matt Chalk Paint, but actually is a matt acrylic paint, similar to an eggshell but just matt.

Chalky Look versus Eggshell (photo credit @pintarsinpara from Instagram)

Let’s look at it a little more closely

First, Iet’s define what we think Chalk Paint is and then work back from that, as there are a lot of paints branded as Chalk Paint these days. I personally would define a chalk paint as porous paint that has a high build element that enables you to create texture. I would say that most Chalk paints are low in binder and require sealing with either a wax or a varnish to make them durable and washable.

So how does Fleur Chalky Look Paint differ from Chalk Paint? Firstly, it is non-porous; it is high in resin content and is water resistant. Secondly it does not require sealing with either a wax or a varnish. I am not saying that there is a “topcoat built in”, believe me there is no such thing. This is a popular myth in furniture paints. Either a paint is durable, or it is not, it all depends on the resin that the paint it is made with. Next, it is a smooth paint, easy to apply with either roller or brush and doesn’t create texture – Fleur do offer many additives that can help to add texture should you want it, but it is formulated to naturally apply in a beautifully smooth brush mark free finish. Finally, should you choose to apply wax or varnish, it changes only very slightly unlike chalk paint that loses its chalky look when sealed and usually deepens in colour.

In that last sentence you read you maybe thought to yourself, “HEY! I thought I didn’t need to seal this paint”. Well, you don’t. However, all matt paints tend to “mar”. Marring is where if you rub the surface – say with the flat of your finger nail – it becomes shiny and burnished. This happens especially with highly pigmented paints and Fleur Paints are highly pigmented, this is what gives you the luminosity of the colours that you all love so much. So, if your piece is going to be handled a lot or rubbed against and you don’t want it to mar, then we would recommend a wax or a varnish.

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