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The Fleur colour range is made with a traditional recipe based on natural pigments that reflect the light and spread it on the painted surface. This gives exceptional brightness to our matt colours.

In 1946 Luigi and Adele Dallamano founded the company Colorificio Centrale S.p.a. in Brescia dedicated to the production and sale of painting for decoration and restoration. Fleur’s innovative research, dedication to quality and passion for the world of colour and decoration has earned an international reputation spanning three generations.

84 unique colours make up the Fleur range. Vibrant colours inspired by the world of fashion and design add character and personality while more neutral shades inspired by historical buildings and natural materials evoke a timeless charm. Each colour is characterised by a unique luminosity and colour depth.

Fleur colours are elegant, deep, and intense. The chromatic vibrancy of Fleur colours is achieved using high amounts of extremely fine pigments of superior quality. These pigments give to the colours an extraordinary depth. You get the impression the panted wall or object itself is made of colour.

We’re often asked to compare the matt-ness of Fleur with other paints. Any Fleur colour has a max. 2% sheen, an impossible finish to achieve with acrylic while maintaining vibrancy of colour.

Fleur paint contains silicates and other fine minerals, which refract and diffuse light on the painted surface. This creates the visual sensation of sinking into colour, and the final effect is very natural.

Whitson's - The Only Distributor of Fleur Products In The UK

Paint perfected.

Whitson’s is the creative result of two decorators and a paint chemist. With a passion for paint and experience spanning 50 years, our products are developed by decorators and artisans for decorators and artisans.

Cait Whitson has been involved in the decorative arts since 1985 and started her first decorative painting business in 1986. Her husband Gibson trained as a painter with Cait after they married. Gibson’s favoured speciality is cabinetry decoration – hand painting of fitted kitchen and bedroom furniture; specialist design and cutting of stencils and execution of complex stencilled and trowelled finishes.

Gibson and Cait quickly found that there were products that the decorating world lacked and dreamed of developing their own specialised products. 

When paint chemist Nick Dubbels joined the team Whitson’s had the ability to develop their unique range of products and fill a vital gap in the decorating industry.

Whitson’s is kind to the planet where possible, working with natural, recycled, sustainable ingredients and packaging. They’re also stockists of Stucco Italianio, a decorative lime plasters and paint products brand. Owned by craftspeople, Stucco Italiano places emphasis on using the best raw, Italian origin materials.

Whitson’s like to work with brands who bring expertise, passion, and a sense of history to their products, and match them with stockists who care about quality interiors products.

As Fleur paint’s only UK distributor, Whitson’s are delighted to hear from independent boutiques or furniture shops interested in stocking luxuriously vibrant paint.

Take inspiration from how our customer’s have used Fleur paint.

Grab a cup of tea, browse, and be inspired.

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